Compressor and First Airbrush

This is just a heads up to a couple of future post’s I will be making soon.

I decided to buy myself an airbrush and compressor.for 3 part base coating.
By that I mean creating an initial darker layer for the shadowed areas, the main colour for my themed army and finally a hilghted area but more on that when it arrives and when I have had a little practice with it.

I will not be using the airbrush for all my posts as I feel it will steer away a lot of people with out one but videos, tips tutorials and updates on what I’m learning will definitely make an appearance soon here.

I opted for the

AS186 AS 186 with Compressor with Tank with 2 x Double Action Airbrushes.

I chose this mainly for the affordable air compressor and the Airbrushes are a nice little bonus,  as I don’t plan on doing a lot of detail work with the airbrushes I found it would be pointless to fork out 1/200 on an all singing all dancing airbrush but in the future who knows 🙂

Anyway that was my quick update on things to come




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